銀座 翠波画廊とはイメージ 銀座 翠波画廊とはイメージ


Located in Ginza area in Tokyo, Gallery Suiha has been dealing in a wide variety of paintings,watercolours,drawings and prints from 20th masters such as Picasso,Chagall,Foujita,Buffet and Kiyoshi Hasegawa to French popular artists including Cassigneul, Brasilier.
Recently we have tried to introduce and support talented young artists as well as selling artworks of overseas artists.
We believe that artworks are the recommendable gifts for such occasions as retirement,birthday ,wedding, or housewarming etc.,.
Real artworks make our life more enjoyable and fruitful.
We are pleased to answer any questions about our services when you consider buying or sellingartworks.
You are most welcome to drop in on our gallery during our business hours to discuss your requirements.